Great New Garden Management & Volunteers!!!

I’m so happy to let you all know that Nadja Cech has stepped in to manage the garden and she’s already done sooooo much! She added numbers to the plots, so it’s much easier to communicate about plot work and she brought in a wonderful crew of her students who cleared several plots, planted cover crops, and also worked on paths. She’s also organized another work day this coming Sunday, November 17th. All are welcome! Esther Maltby has also agreed to help with the transition and maybe more. So things are really looking up!!

If you know of anyone interested in joining the garden, contact info is in the garden guidelines on this site (

Chemistry and Biochemistry Students from UNC Greensboro, with their professor and new garden manager extraordaire, Nadja Cech!!
Clearing an overgrown plot that they later seeded with cover crops!! Sooo appreciated!!
Happy volunteers & their prof Nadja!
Newly cleared & seeded (with cover crops) plot & mulched path.
Cover crops help enhance soil health, reduce soil erosion, and ensure healthy, strong growth of subsequent crops, and also provide forage for insects that pollinate and that help control (eat) crop pests like aphids, white fly, stink bugs or stink bug eggs.

Thanks Jane Devane Brown, Ben Berryhill, and Nadja Cech

Just wanted to say thanks again to these folks for keeping the garden looking neat despite some of us not doing as much as we would like. They have been mowing and trimming or paying for mowing and trimming. It looks so nice just having that done!

Narrowleaved sunflower and smooth aster look especially pretty with the neatly trimmed edge

Thanks, Jen, for cleaning up the 3 new strawberry beds! Thanks, Jon, for soon-to-be great compost! Thanks, Brad Crump of JR Trees for donating wood chips!

Thank goodness Jen showed up to help this morning and cleared out the three new strawberry beds!! She will transplant some of the seedlings wandering outside the frames back into the beds this fall. The pile of ground up tree stump and soil that Jen and I helped Jon unload will make great compost by next spring or great top-dressing when you clear your plot for winter. There is too much wood in it to use in an actively growing plot right now. As the wood decays it would steal nitrogen from your crop plants. Thanks, Jen and John!

We missed Blake!

Jen by the three beautifully weeded strawberry beds and new wood chips.

Jon cleaning truck after donating soon-to-be great compost.

Community Hour Log

We are now using an app called Track It Forward to track community hours volunteered. Tracking community hours helps us when applying for grant funding and also helps to manage maintenance of the common areas of the garden with very minimal garden fees.

Where to find it? You can access the app at and find a mobile version of the app available for download in the App Store and Google Play. If you don’t already have an account or aren’t sure whether you do, feel free to reach out to me.

How to use it? Once you have an account, you can log into the app, where you’ll see a very simple form to log hours that you have volunteered. To the right is a screenshot of what you should see. You should log any hours volunteered in the garden to maintain the common areas (i.e., everything except for your plot and the paths around your plot). From the menu (three bars at the upper-right hand of the screen), you can also go to a Timesheet page, where you will be able to see a record of all of your hours submitted and a Milestones page, where you will be able to see how many of your 24 hours total commitment for the year has been met so far.

What do I do next? Please take a moment to download and log into the app. Then, add any community hours volunteered so far this year (as best you can remember). Going forward, please make sure to submit any community hours volunteered. The mobile version of the app makes it very easy to do this even while in the garden!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to message me ( or ask me in the garden. I am the one with the three-legged dog who barks a lot (sorry for that:) )!